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Thu 28 Sep 2023
Open Enrollment for 2024 coverage starts soon! Get ready now.
You can enroll in a Marketplace health plan for 2024 starting November 1, but don’t wait to get ready. Start preparing now to make enrollment faster and easier.  Image 5 tips to get ready to enroll: Review the 4 simple steps to enroll.Use this checklist (PDF, 189 KB) to get what you need before you start your a... Read more on HealthCare.gov
Thu 21 Sep 2023
Get your flu shot this fall at no cost
It’s important to get the flu shot to protect you and your family from this potentially serious disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot by the end of October.  Image 3 reasons to get the flu shot this year: It’s free.  With Marketplac... Read more on HealthCare.gov
Thu 07 Sep 2023
Don’t miss out: Connect with the Marketplace in 3 simple ways
Open Enrollment for 2024 Marketplace health plans starts November 1. Don’t lose out on valuable health insurance information and deadline reminders this fall by connecting with the Marketplace today. Image 3 quick & easy ways to connectTake a few minutes right now to stay in the loop. This way, you’ll get r... Read more on HealthCare.gov
Thu 24 Aug 2023
Mark Open Enrollment dates on your calendar
Image Key dates for Marketplace coverage November 1: Open Enrollment starts. December 15: Enroll for coverage that starts January 1. January 15: The last day to enroll; Open Enrollment for 2024 coverage ends. Looking for coverage for the rest of 2023? Find out if you can enroll in Marketplace coverage through... Read more on HealthCare.gov
Thu 10 Aug 2023
Report life changes to the Marketplace
When life changes, your health coverage and saving options may change too. If you’ve had a change, like you got married or moved to a new address, let the Marketplace know.  Image What type of changes should I report? Certain changes are considered qualifying life events. There are 4 basic types: Loss of healt... Read more on HealthCare.gov
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